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Who we are

We provide quality technical advice and support for potato and fresh produce growers and businesses..

Being a member of the Produce Investments group, we benefit from extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of potato and fresh produce supply chains. We work closely with Greenvale AP, their own growing hubs and their Vale’s Grower group. This allows us to understand the key requirements of consumer and customer and translate them to growers and suppliers in a practical and achievable manner.

Our agronomists are BASIS and FACTS qualified and work very closely with growers and customers to ensure successful, efficient and profitable crop production.

What we do

Our service is tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Our experienced agronomists and technical managers work across the UK with potato growers and small business, optimising their production and ensuring the quality of their produce, and growing standards, exceed the demands and expectations of their customers.

We can provide strategic support to growers; using our experience and knowledge of potato agronomy and the current potato market to assist growers and help them create a strategy for their potato enterprise that best utilises their resources and capabilities. Our team can work alongside a customer’s existing agronomy resource, providing the additional specialist potato knowledge that today’s market requires.

Our agronomists work closely with our customers and are involved in many of the daily management decisions – often being on the farm every week throughout the year, monitoring the crop from seed selection through to crop performance through the factory or pack house.

How we do it

Uniquely placed to integrate knowledge and experience within the supply chain.

We are distinct from other agronomy service providers due to our wide range of experience & knowledge across the potato and fresh produce supply chains. We work closely with the UK’s largest retailers, brand processors and food manufacturers.

We capture and analyse information about crop performance in a unique way allowing for accurate crop forecasts to be made months in advance of final harvest. This information is invaluable to Greenvale’s many supply chains but also has great value for growers as it allows them to benchmark performances including:

  • Crop performance with that of other growers
  • Regional
  • Own performance in previous years

A number of our team have considerable experience in technical management, in both retail and processing supply chains, and are able to provide technical support to growers, food suppliers and manufacturers.

We can help our customers manage and monitor pesticide use, assist in packaging and NPD, create and manage product specifications. This information is invaluable to potato supply chains.

Our responsibilities

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