We tailor our services to meet the requirements of our clients; this may be additional support for growers who already have non-specialist agronomy provision in place, or intensive support in all the many and varied aspects of production and storage.

We are uniquely placed in the agronomy sector due to our intrinsic role in the supply chain. We are involved in all aspects, from variety and seed selection, through to market intelligence and consumer feedback.

Our services include:

We offer a comprehensive and flexible service for the measurement and assessment of a range of soil nutrients and pests.

Analysis undertaken includes:

  • pH
  • N, P, K & micro nutrients
  • Potato Cyst Nematode
  • Free Living Nematode

We can offer a number of different sampling techniques through an assortment of partners. These range from traditional “W” sampling, to precision GPS mapping.

We are also able to test for the presence of some key foliar and tuber diseases, such as powdery scab and verticillium wilt.

Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients; this may be additional support for growers who already have non-specialist agronomy provision in place, or intensive support in all the many and varied aspects of production and storage.

Produce Solutions can also offer technical and commercial support in dealings with customers at all levels in the supply chain.

Our team has a fantastic working knowledge of current and upcoming potato varieties. Whether it's potatoes for chips, crisps or the table, we are able to help make the right choices for individual growers and the markets they serve.

Our links with Greenvale Seed put us in a unique position. We are able to provide support on all aspects of seed sourcing, from the crop growing in the field, to quality assessments and treatment recommendations on delivery.

Our agronomists check seed at the point of delivery and provide a wash-up report detailing skin disease levels. This provides the grower with confidence that their seed is suitable for the market intended.

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Optimum seed rate and plant population can vary greatly based on several factors.

Our agronomists use in-house data to more accurately calculate plant populations taking into account the chronological age of the seed when information is available.

We combine our experience with the latest scientific data and conditions on the ground to ensure the target plant population is correct.

Our FACTS trained advisors are able to provide a comprehensive nutrient management planning service.

Nutrient management plans match inputs to crop demand. This gives our’ clients the best possible value from the fertilisers and organic manures they use, enhancing crop yield and quality, while effectively managing any environmental risks.

The world of crop protection is ever-changing. Our independent, BASIS qualified advisors are always up to speed with the most recent developments, from new products and application techniques to changes in legislation and stewardship programs.

Whether it is a one off planning meeting or full field walking and advice, we can offer a completely tailored service when it comes to crop protection.

Water is a valuable resource. As the demand for water increases, it is necessary to justify the need and provide evidence of efficient use, both for environmental protection and to meet crop protocol requirements.

Our team are available to provide advice on water requirements and methods of irrigation application, based on local climate, soil type, soil structure, variety and intended market.

Scheduling advice can be tailored to the individual grower’s requirements, from a simple balance sheet to a crop scheduling model.

Advice on other types of water management is also available.

For growers who want an estimation of final yield, size fraction, marketable size & quality, prior to burn off, we offer traditional pre-harvest yield digs – in 5mm or 10mm increments or tailored towards the specific requirement of the market or customer.

Samples can be subject to a full QC assessment – tailored to the customer’s specifications.

We are able to forecast final yield and tuber size distribution very early in the growing season – based on recording a few key crop metrics.

Customer’s expectations of crop quality continue to increase.

We provide help & support to set up on-farm QC facilities as well as providing on-farm training for QC & grading staff. The QC training will be specific and match the customer’s raw material specifications.

All of the team have undertaken formal storage training and are able to provide advice on potato storage and management.

Assistance can be given in all areas including store layout and design, regular store monitoring, sample QC, CIPC stewardship and general potato store control.

Increasingly store management is under scrutiny from regulators and customers. We help you engage with these stakeholders and communicate with them in a pragmatic and knowledgeable fashion.

Maximising crop productivity is important but so is improving crop marketability and your relationship with your customer and consumers.

Through the strong relationships developed across the industry, regular direct communication with retailers and processors, and the links with Greenvale and its strong marketing team, we are able to deliver accurate and up-to-date market intelligence to our customers; helping them decipher how this may impact on their own business strategy.