We provide technical support to retail and processing businesses.

Our team have experience and knowledge in technical management in different produce areas and are able to assist growers and small businesses in meeting and exceeding their customer’s technical requirements and demands.

The service is ideal for growers who are unable to support their own full time technical resource, or those who would benefit from additional assistance.

Technical services offered include:

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a system used by the food industry to ensure that all food consumed is safe to eat. If you run a food business, you must have a plan based on HACCP principles and it is also a requirement of both customer & crop assurance schemes.

The preparation of a HACCP for farm or pack house requires specialist knowledge and training. Members of the team have formal HACCP qualifications and can provide help & support to either create a new HACCP or review an existing one.

Fiona Law-Eadie has formal training qualifications and can provide HACCP training, on-site, for your staff – a requirement of Red Tractor Standards amongst others.

Many businesses dread the ‘Annual audit’, but there’s really no reason to view your company’s audit in a negative light. The Produce Solutions technical team is on hand to help with audit preparation & planning or internal auditing. We can also be with you during the audit process if required.

An annual audit should an irreplaceable tool to ensure that all your procedures are fit for purpose & in order.

So whether you’re looking for entry-level food safety guidance, help with Red Tractor/F2F/Nurture/BRC/LEAF or just a more rigorous internal audit of your facilities, our experienced and knowledgeable team can provide the feedback you need for regulatory compliance and retail acceptance.

We can also provide on-site staff training in food safety, food hygiene & quality systems.

Running a small business can be very time consuming, especially when it comes to creating product specifications.

Our technical team have a wealth of experience in creating, managing & reviewing customer specifications and can provide you help and support in creating and managing your own, or in completing your customer’s, specifications.

Management of pesticide use and residues is an important aspect of supply chain management. We provide expert advice on the creation of pesticide management systems, or management of existing systems. A vast resource of knowledge and expertise is combined with great industry links and relationships. We understand how pesticides work, the particular risks associated with their use, and how to minimise residues and environmental concerns.

Members of the team already work very closely with large retailers, food manufacturers, and processors to ensure their supply chain is complaint to their standards and work with their systems used to manage this process.

Red Tractor Standards now require all growers to undertake their own residue sampling rather than solely rely on third party analysis. We can arrange all your residue testing requirements and you can benefit from the greater buying power that comes from undertaking hundreds of residue tests each year.

Our team are experienced in investigating incidences of high pesticide residues (e.g. MRL exceedances), provide good understanding of how they have arisen, whether there should be genuine concern, and advice on how to ensure the issue isn’t repeated.

It is a requirement that food business operators must ensure that all food handlers receive instruction and/or training in food safety appropriate to their specific work duties. This applies to all staff no matter their contractual status within an organisation and includes part time, temporary and staff provided via agencies.

Our technical team can provide on-site training tailored to your specific needs.

Areas covered included:

  • Food safety
  • Food hygiene
  • Produce quality requirements and systems